DIE LINKE: History and Structure

On June 16, 2007, DIE LINKE party was formed out of the Linkspartei.PDS and the Electoral Alternative for Labour and Social Justice (WASG). Within two years, two parties with different backgrounds but similar objectives merged into an all-German left alternative. DIE LINKE is the only force in the Bundestag which is consistently committed to social justice, democracy and peace. It is open to people with an interest in politics – be they from social movements, trade unions, or simply led by their conviction.

Presently, DIE LINKE has 69.500 members organized in 16 Land and 359 district branches. Of them, 37 per cent are women – the highest share of any party in parliament. Since its foundation in 2007, a large number of people joined DIE LINKE and are fighting together for a country of justice, a socially fair environmental policy, and a peaceful world.

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DIE LINKE is headed by two Chair Persons with equal rights: Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger. They are assisted by four deputies, another four members of the  Executive Board, a General Secretary and a Federal Treasurer. In between the party congresses, the 44-strong Executive Committee decides on political and organizational questions.