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Sevim Dagdelen

Dare to Restart German-Russian Relations

„After the presidential elections we need a new start of German-Russian relations. The German government must not support the escalation of the US and Great Britain and needs to take a stand for ending the sanctions against Russia,“ declares Sevim Dagdelen, vice-chair of the parliamentary group of DIE LINKE. Dagdelen further:

„Peace and security in Europe can only be achieved by including Russia. German foreign policy should recognize this and approach Russia again. A new Cold War does not help anyone in Europe. We need trust building measures instead of further NATO deployments at the borders to Russia and new armaments.

The German government needs to bank on independent international investigations into the case of the poisened former double agent Sergej Skripal. Prejudgements and finger pointing together with Great Britain and the US suspend the foundations of the state of law. We need actual clarification instead of politically motivated accusations. We ask the government to comprehensively inform the parliament about the Skripal case. The declaration of unconditional support of the German government with Great Britain, considering the uncertain state of facts, stands at odds with a responsible foreign policy. The German government must not disregard the foundations of the state of law."