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DIE LINKE Makes the Difference - Social Justice is Eligible!

The decision in this year's campaign lies between a continuation of the current policy with variants of "disimprovement" or a policy of social departure.

We want to drive politics forward on five central fields so that the majority in our country finally experiences justice, and the racist scapegoat politics of populist AfD and others eventually lose ground.

  • A higher net as well as gross salary: the tax burden and contributions to health care insurance can and need to be reduced from low and average incomes. Anyone who as an income or assets above a million finally needs to contribute his fair share to financing the community. A solidarity-based health insurance, where everyone pays in, will reduce contributions for employees below six percent. The low wage sector will be pushed back, the minimum hourly wage increased to 12 euros, and we will turn precarious work - temporary, contracted or mini jobs - into good standard employment without tariff differences between East and West.
  • Poverty must become unknown: we increase child benefit to 328 euros for everyone, and later restructure it into a basic child protection of 573 (taxable) euros. We will prolong the unemployment benefit and replace the Hartz IV welfare system by a minimum benefit of non-reducable 1,050 euros. The earnings-related state pension payment level will again be increased to 53 percent, and a solidarity-based minimum pension of 1,050 euros introduced. Pensions in East Germany will immediately be matched to the Western level.
  • Health is not a commodity: We want to abolish the two-tier medicine by introducing a solidarity-based health and care insurance, where everyone contributes according to his or her income, employers paying the same rate as employees. Everyone is entitled to the same care, medical advancement benefits all. We will finance 160,000 additional jobs in hospitals.
  • Habitation is a human right: We will introduce strict upper limits for rent increases and support the build of at least 250,000 social or communal flats annually. We will stop the speculation on housing. A public investment programme financed by a millionaire's tax on wealth above one million euros and a fair heritage tax will provide for the upkeep of schools, hospitals, culture, leisure, streets, railroads, etc.
  • Without peace everything is nothing: We want to disarm instead of upgrade and thus we ask for the obligatory withdrawal of Germany from the NATO aim to increase arms spending up to two per cent of the GDP. We want the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from Germany and want all citizens to decide on that in a referendum. We want to prohibit arms exports, especially to war-torn areas. We will withdraw the Bundeswehr from foreign assignments according to its mission layed down in our basic law. Instead, we will create a European policy of peace and détente. The expenses saved will be spent to fight the reasons of flight.
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