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Helmut Scholz

DIE LINKE Sticks with “No” to American Missile Defense

In response to the announced signing of a contract between US State Secretary Rice and her Czech counterpart Schwarzenberg to build a radar station as part of the planned American missile defense, Helmut Scholtz, party executive member, declares:

The Czech government, against the will of the majority of the population, prepares to continue promoting one of the most controversial armament projects from the outgoing Bush Administration. The construction of a missile defense in Europe will once again heat up the international arms race and provoke a continental divide. Once more the US Secretary of State and her Czech counterpart hold fast to the logic that more security can be reached through increased military funds.

DIE LINKE continues to oppose the American missile defense and calls for a change of course in the collective security system. We are solidly united with all of the powers in the Czech Republic that oppose these plans because they will mean less, not more, security, and that support the fight for the rejection of these plans through the Czech Parliment

DIE LINKE and the European Left, together with the power of the civil society, will continue to advocate measures of disarmament in Europe and the world.