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Elections in Berlin

On Sunday, 18th September, the Berlin House of Representatives as well as the local disctrict representatives have been elected.

As of now, a government coalition of Social Democrats, Lefts and Greens becomes palpable. According to preliminary results the Social Democracts won elections for Berlin House of Representatives ahead of their former coalition partner, the Christian Conservatives. The former major parties lost more than twelve percent combined and each of them reached their worst after war-results in Berlin. The Social Democrats can continue to govern, yet they have to look out for two partners: there is no majority for a two-party coalition anymore.

After preliminary results the SPD gained 21,6 percent (2011: 28,3). The Christian Conservatives reached position two with 17,6 percent (2011: 23,3). DIE LINKE gained position three with 15,6 percent (2011: 11,7) and thus briefly surpassed the Greens with 15,2 percent (2011: 17,6). The Liberals (FDP) return to parliament with 6,7 percent (2011: 1,8). Expectedly, the Pirates were knocked out of parliament with 1,7 percent (20111: 8,9).

The AfD (rightwing populist Alternative for Germany) gained 14,2 percent and is now represented in 10 out of 16 Land parliaments. Furthermore, five politicians of the AfD got directly elected.

The allocation of seats in parliament will be as follows: SPD 38 seats, CDU 31 seats, LINKE 27 seats, Greens 27 seats, AfD 25 seats, and FDP 12 seats.