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Katja Kipping

Evidence of incapacity for SPD (Social Democratic Party Germany)

The government has published and presented a report on poverty and wealth. Katja Kipping, deputy chairperson of DIE LINKE, declares on this:

The growing poverty is not a natural law but self-made. Denying minimum-wages means to promote poverty. Insisting on Hartz IV condemns people to live in poverty and is excluding them per law.

Anybody who wants to act against poverty has to do much more than to sorrow one’s soap box from time to time but has to enact a minimum wage and basic social care without repressions.
The one who is in possession is given; the one without possession is taken away from. This saying is unfortunately still true and proved by the report.

The current report analyses the time, when the chancellor was still from the SPD: therefore the report serves as evidence of incapacity of the SPD.