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Bernd Riexinger

Exclude Turkey from G 20 Conference, End Complicity with the Trump of Bosporus

Today, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel will welcome the Foreign Ministers for the G20 meeting in Bonn. Even though interest focusses on Trumps new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, DIE LINKE confirms its demand to expel Turkey from participation. “Instead of making himself the figurehead for the accomplices of the Trump of Bosporus, Foreign Minister and host Gabriel should take a clear stand for human rights and democracy.” declares Bernd Riexinger, chair person of DIE LINKE.

Germany is currently heading the G20 and has to deal with this task responsibly. The government has to promote the exclusion of Turkey from the G20-summit. They can not longer stand by and watch how Turkey is turning into dictatorship. With Erdogan’s Turkey there will be no partnership, just complicity.