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First congress of Left youth organisation [‘solid]

On the first weekend in April the Left youth organisation ['solid] gathered in Leipzig for their first congress after their foundation in May2007.

After a difficult first year the youth organisation of DIE LINKE now addressed rolling out its own programme. The federal council of spokespersons presented a draft programme which particularly stresses the pluralistic approach of the youth organisation, however, clearly denoted the foundations of political work. It was unclear at first how the discussion of some controversial issues such as outlawing the NPD or peace and war would go because there had been conflicts about the contents and structure of the new youth organisation. It was all the more rewarding for all parties involved that the climate of the ten-hour discussion on the programme on 5 April was very constructive and relaxed. About 150 amendments of the programme were discussed and put to the vote.

Four subjects were emphasised: ['solid] demands one school for all. The question whether this was supposed to be provided for by an integrating comprehensive school or any other type was of secondary importance. Equal opportunities in education for all and communal learning as well as individual help are the pivotal demands. Furthermore, the youth organisation demands a right of each youth to vocational training and the provision of free day-care vacancies for each child.

['solid] retains its clear anti-war position. An overwhelming majority at the congress adopted a resolution rejecting war on principle. War could never enforce human rights. The delegates were also opposed to wars under the auspices of the United Nations.

As part of their campaign for a repression-free state and a libertarian classless society ['solid] also campaigns against a general criminalisation of all drug users.

['solid] campaigns for overcoming capitalism. The question of whether reforms or a revolution can lead to this goal is not a contradiction to the youth organisation, but rather the basis for a broad movement in society. Left youth ['solid] campaigns on all levels for overcoming the capitalist mode of production and ownership relations and for a democratic and socialist society in which all people can decide jointly on the use of the means of production.

An overwhelming majority of the delegates at the national congress adopted the programme of the socialist youth organisation. Apart from that main event several bodies of the youth organisation and DIE LINKE were staffed by elections.