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Full support for Gregor Gysi

The National Executive Board rejected all allegations against the Chair of DIE LINKE in the Bundestag, Gregor Gysi, and unanimously endorsed the statement issued by the state Chars and spokespersons which reads:

"Gregor Gysi has our full support. There is not the slightest reason for us to doubt Gregor Gysi's integrity and sincerity. We resolutely reject the allegations made against him.

Time and again attempts have been made over the past 18 years to denounce Gregor Gysi as informant of the GDR Ministry of State Security (Stasi). None of the evidence ever held water. On the contrary, also in the current discussion facts are deliberately brushed under the carpet. Those who ignore documents proving that the Stasi did not regard Gregor Gysi as suitable as informant do not act objectively; they rather try to damage with unfounded allegations the personality of Gregor Gysi who is well respected far beyond DIE LINKE. The political competitors apparently want to avoid dealing with the issues DIE LINKE raises. The attempt to weaken DIE LINKE through a campaign against Gregor Gysi will fail."

The debate in the Bundestag in late May had been another massive attempt of the parties from the SPD to the CDU/CSU to force the Chair of DIE LINKE in the Bundestag to resign. All speakers who tried to outdo each other in spreading hatred, slander and atrocities against Gregor Gysi repeated the allegation now and then he had betrayed his clients such as Robert Havemann, Rudolf Bahro and other dissidents to the Stasi as their lawyer.

Havemann's son Frank wrote in a statement "our father was glad he had found a lawyer like Gregor Gysi who was able to keep in contact with the party leadership and did so successfully. My brothers and sisters have already testified to this fact when another campaign was waged against Gregor Gysi for an alleged collaboration with the Stasi. I see no reason why the assessment we gave then should no longer hold true; I see many reasons why a campaign against the Chair of DIE LINKE in the Bundestag seems to be appropriate to some people especially now."

Andrej Bahro, son of former GDR dissident Rudolf Bahro who died in 1997 calls the debate a "tribunal I have never seen in the Bundestag before." It had been one of the worst hours for democracy. Had Gysi's clients like his father not been dead they would have surely rushed to his support.