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Getting on top of far-Right extremism

The Federal Committee of DIE LINKE demanded new proceedings to ban the NPD. The statement adopted at a recent meeting in Magdeburg reads:

"Neo-fascism has long been present in the midst of society. In the long run neo-fascism can only be eliminated by that section of society. The NPD is an important component of the neo-fascist scene. The NPD parliamentary parties in the Landtag in Saxony and Mecklenburg/West Pomerania are essential sources for neo-fascism in terms of staff, contents and funding. These sources must be closed with all determination.”

The Federal Committee sees the withdrawal of all informers of the internal intelligence authorities from the NPD structures as a prerequisite for proceedings to ban it. "A ban on the NPD is merely one step in dealing with neo-fascism, though” the statement says. That is why the Federal Committee of DIE LINKE called on all bodies of the party to step up their efforts to come to grips with far-Right extremism in terms of contents.

The Federal Committee is a body of DIE LINKE. It has 86 members with 60 of them representing the state organisations.

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