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Gregor Gysi

Gysi Calls for German Recognition of Palestine

German parliamentarian and President of the European Left, Gregor Gysi, yesterday met with President of the Palestinian state, Mahmud Abbas.

In their conversation both politicians agreed that, alongside a safe and sovereign Israel, a safe and sovereign Palestine in the borders of 1967 is necessary in order to compound the Middle East conflict in the framework of a Two-state solution. The talks also touched on those Palestinian forces which do not want to accept Israel and how to overcome their ambitions.

President Abbas explained that his government offers a de-militarised Palestine, rendering an assault on Israel from there forever impossible. Yet, the Netanjahu government rejects this offer. He expressed his hope that Germany would finally fully recognise Palestine as a state like 136 other states already did.

Gregor Gysi declared his hopes that after German federal elections later this year a new government will be built which will have the courage to eventually fully recognise Palestine as a state.