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Dietmar Bartsch

Lothar Bisky should head the European roster

The government board of the party DIE LINKE, voted Lothar Bisky with 87,5 percent to 1st place in the government-roster for the European election. "Lothar Bisky has a very esteemed and authoritative figure in Europe, and above all in the European Left. He belongs to the founding fathers, not only of the party DIE LINKE but also to the European Left." stated Party Secretary Dietmar Bartsch to the nomination of the Party Chairman for the European Election.

In positions 2 to 5 are:  Sabine Wills (Hamburg), Gabriele Zimmer (Thüringen), Thomas Händel (Bayern) und Cornelia Ernst (Sachsen).

"Today's election of the roster candidates is a big challenge, due to the high level of expertise of the candidates, the balance between territoral and gender factors.

The Federal Government Commission is holding a meeting today and tomorrow.  The focus of the council meeting is to discuss a roster suggestion for the European-Party Day.  The roster suggestions comprises of 16 positions.  In total the roster for the European election should comprise of 30 positions.  70 applications are sitting before the Federal Government Commission.  The final decision for the European roster rests in the hands of the Representative Assembly on 28. February and 1. March in Essen.  DIE LINKE are chosing a joint roster for all countries.

The Federal Government Commission is an organ in the party DIE LINKE, with 86 members and 60 representatives of the National Association.