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Katja Kipping, Bernd Riexinger, Gregor Gysi

On the Demise of Martin McGuiness

DIE LINKE mourns for Martin McGuiness who passed away aged 66.

With him one of the architects of the Good Friday Agreement left us; an agreement he engagedly inspirited as Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, thus having been an essential guarantor for the peace in Northern Ireland.


Martin McGuiness, like noone else, embodies with his biography the difficulties of the Northern Ireland-conflict. His deeply impressive commitment for overcoming the violence was also a result of learning from mistakes. His courage for reconciliation developed out of the understanding that the armed struggle causes suffering and only deepens divisions.

His affectionate personality and his look to a future of a peaceful and social Northern Ireland was inspiring to many people. Politics can overcome war and violence and make a peaceful living together possible. That's what Martin McGuiness stands for. We will honour his memory.