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Executive Committee

Peace Rally supported by the party

Resolution of the party executive committee of February 26, 2022

Rally for peace! Peace for Ukraine and all of Europe.

In the middle of Europe a war is going on - right in our neighbourhood. Russias president Putin has started an offensive war against Ukraine, crossed its borders and dramatically violates international law. With a big rally coming Sunday, February 27th, we stand together for the restoration of peace in Europe.

We ask the Russian government to immediately cease all attacks, to withdraw from Ukraine, and restore its territorial integrity. We stand in solidarity with the people in Ukraine, suffering from the conflict and fearing for their life. And we take a stand for Europes borders to remain open, freedom of visa for Ukrainians to stay in place and all refugees from Ukraine to be admitted and warmly welcomed.

Together we fight for a Europe of disarmament, a policy of détente, and understanding. We urgently need a European peace order in which borders are not violently moved and security of everyone is respected. The global community is facing huge tasks: together we need to tackle the climate crisis and the extinction of species, manage the corona pandemic and arrange for less social injustice. This crisis shows how urgently we need to end our dependence from fossil energy sources as oil and gas and consequently switch to renewable energies. This - and nothing else - should and must be the focus of international politics.

Peace for Ukraine and all of Europe! Join us! Tell your friends, acquaintances, neighbours, family and co-workers! In joint solidarity we adhere to the covid hygienic measures and ask to participate at the rally vaccinated, tested and wearing a mask. The rally takes place on Sunday, one o´clock at the Siegessäule.