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Bernd Riexinger

The Conservatives have to clarify their stance on DIE LINKE

On the current debate over helping to elect Bodo Ramelow as Minister President of Thuringia, Bernd Riexinger, co-chair of DIE LINKE declares:

The Christian Conservative Party (CDU) has to clarify its relation with DIE LINKE. Eventually this means the party has to clarify its relation to democracy. Is it capable of recognising a party which mostly advocats fundamentally opposing positions on most political issues as legitimate part of the political landscape? Does it have the grandeur to recognise that DIE LINKE belongs to the most fervent defenders of democracy and human rights? And can it bring itself to clearly state that the AfD (right-wing Alternative for Germany) moves exactly towards the other direction of anti-democratic and inhumane positions? Given the choice a democratic party cannot remain neutral.

Currently, there are some democratic as well as other voices to be heard in the CDU, voices willing to understand Nazis or relativise what has happened. The party has to resolve this conflict and I dearly hope it will decide in favour of democracy. And I have to say it clearly again: Anyone thinking a pact with fascists is a viable option, has nothing to loose in a democratic party.

The CDU stands for other aims and interests than DIE LNKE. Yet, this humbug of equating right and left has to be buried once and for all.  

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