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Katina Schubert

Two far-Right associations banned

Former Vice Chair Katina Schubert called the ban on two far-Right associations in East Westphalia an ”important signal against old and new Nazis". She said:

"The Interior Ministry has taken action. Anti-Semitic propaganda and glorification of the National Socialist terror regime need to be condemned with determination. Nazi organisations must be banned – wherever legally possible.” The fact that the ban was issued on the eve of 8 May, the day of liberation from fascism, "is an important signal. Liberation day is a day when the victims of German fascism are commemorated every year. The day of liberation is also an obligation for being democratic and tolerant. The strength of the Nazis is the weakness of the democratic parties.

"Bans on parties and organisations alone cannot outlaw far-Right extremism and xenophobia” stressed Schubert. "Only an active civil society can thwart old and new Nazis. What it, therefore, takes is strengthening civil society structures and encouraging people. The federal and state governments must take care of this."

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