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Helmut Scholz

US-Military Base will fuel conflicts

On the agreement between the USA and Poland on the US military base in Poland, Helmut Scholz, boardmember of DIE LINKE, declares:

DIE LINKE sticks with the NO to US plans of constructing military bases in Eastern-Europe. Because of the high topicality and in the shadow of the Caucasus-conflict DIE LINKE demands more consideratenesses. Armament will not lead to more safety, but contrary will lead to more conflicts.

The way Poland has chosen, to find a solution with the USA and to allow a US-basis, lays a burden on the relations with Russia.

Whether the defending-system is directed towards Iran, Middle- East or other areas, plays a secondary role for peace and security. After all, it aims at global implementation of US-hegemony and will avert the democratization of the international relations. Moreover, a confrontational course of the expansion of the NATO is being pushed.

DIE LINKE will fight continuously for disarmament and peace, together with forces of the civil society, especially in an active and concrete way with those in Poland and Czech Republic.