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Party Executive Committee

Protests Against Defender 2020

In the first half of this year, mainly in April and May the NATO maneuver Defender 2020 will take place in Poland and the Baltics. 37,000 troups will be moved, 20,000 alone from the United States. With them tanks and armaments will be moved, all close to the Russian border.

DIE LINKE joined the call of peace movements to protest against this war maneuver and will take part in actions against it. It is important, together with the peace movement, to send a clear signal against the policies of the USA, but also of the federal government. The planned maneuvers are the opposite of peace policy. They represent a dangerous threatening gesture by the US government that costs hundreds of millions of euros, jeopardizes security in Europe and causes serious disruptions in rail traffic - and, last but not least, will cause major climate and environmental damage. The fuel used by the ships, tanks and trucks for these maneuvers alone will result in a significant increase in CO2 and particulate emissions.

The federal government is supporting this policy instead of advocating civil conflict resolution and is steadily increasing military spending and arms exports. It is therefore jointly responsible for flight and displacement. Unprecedented misery is brought into the world by German weapons, which are now to be tested for their suitability for war as part of the US Defender 2020 maneuver and the associated NATO annex maneuvers. To make matters worse, it shows that the German government has completely forgotten history when intending to carry out and support such a maneuver on May 8 at the borders of Russia.

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