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Klaus Ernst

We Will Change Bavaria

Klaus Ernst, deputy chair of DIE LINKE, is anticipating the sure entry of his party into Bavarian Parliament. He predicts a hard fight during the election campaign for the forfeit of the CSU’s absolute majority. Klaus Ernst explains:

The entry of DIE LINKE into Parliament is developing into a critical question in the Bavarian election campaign. For months we have been watching the polls stabilize in Parliament. The people in Bavaria want a social turnaround, which is only possible if DIE LINKE gets voted into Parliament.

Bavaria currently has an autocratic ruling party with not even a decent opposition. We will change Bavaria. Everyone must understand: the entry of DIE LINKE into Parliament and the end of the CSU’s hegemony are connected. Only those who give both their votes to DIE LINKE can be sure to have contributed to the political change in Bavaria.

Our goal in the election is: 5 plus X for DIE LINKE. 50 minus X for the CSU.