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Party Executive Committee

According to Federal Statutes the Party Executive Committee is the political leading organ of the party. It chairs the party. The Party Executive Committee was elected at the 1st session of the 7th (digital) party congress on 26 to 27 February 2021.

Members of the Party Executive Committee

Elected at the 1st session of the 7th party congress on 26 to 27 February 2021

  • Aken, Jan van
  • Al-Dailami, Ali (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Aydurmus, Didem
  • Benda, Friederike
  • Bank, Tobias
  • Beutin, Lorenz Gösta
  • Becker, Maximilian
  • Behler, Antje
  • Eisenreich, Kerstin
  • Ehling, Janis
  • Felger, Kenja
  • Gürpinar, Ates (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Gutperl, Bettina
  • Glasow, Margit
  • Gräfe, Konstatin
  • Gleiss, Thies
  • Gallert, Wulf
  • Hennig-Wellsow, Susanne (Party Chair)
  • Hartmann, Stefan
  • Köditz, Kerstin
  • König, Johannes
  • Lompscher, Katrin
  • Luedtke, Simone
  • Movassat, Niema
  • Pflüger, Tobias (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Renner, Martina (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Richter, Jan
  • Schindler, Jörg (Federal Party Secretary)
  • Schubert, Katina (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Seppelt, Jana (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Skubsch, Sabine
  • Schramm, Juliane
  • Sojka, Michaele
  • Schirdewan, Martin
  • Seifert, Ilja
  • Tut, Birgül
  • Tegeler, Maja
  • Troost, Axel
  • Tempel, Frank
  • Wissler, Janine (Party Chair)
  • Wolf, Harald (Federal Treasurer)
  • Weber, Daphne
  • Wery-Sims, Melanie
  • Zelik, Raul

Members of the Executive Board

According to the Federal Statutes the Executive Board performs ongoing political and organisational functions and prepares the Party Executive Committee meetings. It has the obligation to inform the Party Executive Committee of all decisions and measures taken. Particulars concerning the work of the Executive Board shall be set forth in the Rules of Procedure of the Party Executive Committee.

  • Susanne Hennig-Wellsow (Party Chair)
  • Janine Wissler (Party Chair)
  • Martina Renner (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Katina Schubert (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Jana Seppelt (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Al-Dailami, Ali (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Ates Gürpinar (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Tobias Pflüger (Deputy Party Chair)
  • Jörg Schindler (Federal Party Secretary)
  • Harald Wolf (Federal Treasurer)
Janine Wissler and Susanne Hennig-Wellsow after beeing elect new chair women