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How We’re Building a Europe for Everyone

On May 26th, elections will be held for the EU’s Parliament. Europe’s path will depend crucially on how strong DIE LINKE will be. We’re depending on your vote! DIE LINKE (“THE LEFT”) stands for social justice and peace. Until now, the European Union has been primarily focussed on corporations. These large corporations seek out countries with the lowest taxes and the worst wages. We want to end this race to the bottom!

We want people across Europe to be able to make a good living from their work. This means freedom from poverty, including in old age. This also means that young people should not fear for their future. DIE LINKE also wants to save the climate: We’re promoting clean energy and free local public transport throughout Europe. This is our vision for a Europe of the future, a Europe for the people.

For this to happen, much needs to change. DIE LINKE is fighting to make sure that everyone makes a fair contribution to the European community – including large corporations and the super-rich. This mean closing down tax havens. DIE LINKE has developed plans to make quality health care and affordable housing a matter of fact for everyone in Europe. Instead of armament, we promote education. We fight the conditions that force people to migrate, rather than those who seek shelter.

Corporations have used their extraordinary power to represent their interests in the European Union, employing thousands of lobbyists to put pressure on the EU Parliament in Brussels. DIE LINKE, however, is the lobby for the people – for all those who seek, like us, to secure a socially just Europe and a better future. Let us make a difference together: We ask that you give DIE LINKE your vote.

(Good jobs throughout Europe)

Minimum wages must rise in all EU countries. We seek to ban poverty wages. In Germany we’re calling for a wage floor of 12 euros per hour. The EU must make sure that the same wage is paid for the same work. Companies accepting public contracts should be required to pay minimum wages and fees. DIE LINKE wants strong trade unions, strong employees, good wages and more free time, for everyone.

(Tackling the refugee crisis)

The EU plans to put more money into armaments and less into improving living conditions. We’ve had enough! Increasing armament and another European army are no ways to build peace. DIE LINKE stands for disarmament and for peaceful foreign policy. Most weapons created in the EU are exported from it: They fuel war and create the conditions which turn people into refugees. We want to ban arms exports and thus the causes of why people flee from their homes.

(Taxes all paid up?)

Overall wealth in Europe is exploding. However, at the same time, poverty is growing. Corporations are making billions of euros in profits, but often pay hardly any taxes. We want to introduce minimum tax rates for corporations and high wealth individuals throughout Europe. We seek to close tax havens and increase penalties for tax evasion by banks and corporations. To those massive tech companies like Google and Amazon: it’s time to pay up!

(Keeping on top of the rent)

Rents in cities across Europe are exploding. There is too little affordable housing. DIE LINKE wants to promote public and non-profit housing construction. Every country in the EU should provide as much affordable housing as is needed. We also call for effective rent increase controls. Large private real estate companies such as Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen should be publicly owned.

(Climate before profits)

We’ve reached the 11th hour, but we can still save the climate if we put in place rules for clean energy throughout Europe, now. We want to shut down the dirtiest coal-fired power stations in Europe immediately - by 2030 at the latest. We reject nuclear power and fracking. DIE LINKE wants to promote free local public transport. We seek to expand Europe’s rail network, making it high quality and affordable. We also want to promote environmentally friendly agriculture, on a regional basis and with short transport routes.


(More funding for public services)

Our health and housing don’t belong on the stock market! DIE LINKE wants to shift wealth away from the financial markets and put it towards quality public services. We promote regional economic development and manufacturing – providing good jobs while being environmental responsible. Banks which help companies evade taxes should have their licences withdrawn. We plan to ban risky trading. With a tax on high frequency trading, we will help curb speculation.

(Standing against the right wing)

We stand against right-wing propaganda and racism and for human rights. Those on the right often look for scapegoats, but they’re unable to solve society’s problems. DIE LINKE offers solutions that work for everyone. Our stance is that municipalities that host refugees should receive support from the EU. DIE LINKE stands for more affordable housing, good education and fair work for all. We’re for less inequality and more cohesion.

Solidarity means we’re indivisible.

(Providing more)

Every country in the EU should guarantee that people are free from poverty, with minimum pensions and benefits guaranteed across the EU, depending on income levels in a particular country. In Germany we’re calling for a minimum of 1,050 euros per month without cuts. We plan to create good jobs in the EU and develop programmes to eliminate youth unemployment. This will provide strong, EU-wide unemployment insurance.

(Securing safe havens)

For us, it’s clear that fellow humans should not be left to drown. The law of the sea must be applied again: saving those in distress at sea should be a legal duty. We want safe escape routes. Human rights must be upheld. Municipalities that host refugees should receive additional funding to secure good education and affordable housing for all. Public infrastructure needs to be sufficiently funded. We seek to stop racism in its tracks, in Germany and throughout Europe.

We live in a democracy where much is stake: 25,000 lobbyists are pressuring the European Parliament on behalf of huge corporations and the rich. DIE LINKE, however, cannot be bought. We’re calling for strong parliaments and a common constitution. Together with millions, we are committed to good jobs, a healthy climate and a Europe worth fighting for. Raise your voice and join us!