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Our Candidates

22 candidates were elected to run for European Parliament, next to the two top candidates Martin Schirdewan and Özlem Demirel , the current MEPs Cornelia Ernst, Martina Michels and Helmut Scholz, vice party chair Ali Al-Dailami, peace activist and member of the executive board of the European Left Claudia Haydt and youth candidate Malte Fiedler.

Martin is MEP as part of GUE/NGL since 2017. He is part of the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs as well as the Special Committee on Financial Crimes, tax avoidance and tax evasion. He is also member of DIE LINKE executive committee. Özlem Demirel is currently DIE LINKE land spokesperson for Northrhine-Westphalia.

  1. Martin Schirdewan
  2. Özlem Demirel
  3. Cornelia Ernst
  4. Helmut Scholz
  5. Martina Michels
  6. Ali Al-Dailami
  7. Claudia Haydt
  8. Malte Fiedler
  9. Marianne Kolter
  10. Murat Yilmaz
  11. Sarah Mirow
  12. Keith Barlow
  13. Heide Scharf
  14. Hannes Nehls
  15. Kathrin Flach Gomez
  16. Fotis Matentzoglou
  17. Anna-Maria Dürr
  18. David Schwarzendahl
  19. Susanne Steffgen
  20. Florian Wilde
  21. Camila Cirlini
  22. Éric Bourguignon