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Jan Korte

Affront against basic rights

„The government is making a big mistake through the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA)-act” says Jan Korte, member of the board of the party DIE LINKE. He declares:

This act is a major offensive against the basic rights. It is disproportional because the government wants to concede snooping-powers to the BKA which would by that be transformed into a German FBI.

The BKA is supposed to get more than 30 of these powers as online-search, bugging-operation or the observation of flats per video.

BKA-officials are to become the right to secretly break into apartments. The nucleus of the private, defined by the Constitutional Court, is turning into a farce because the BKA could save and analyse all data.

The act should be condemned: democracy and constitutional state do not fit with a secret police the way Schäuble (Minister of the Interior) wants it. I am appealing to the few colleagues of the Social Democratic Party who are sceptical of the law, to support the motion of the party DIE LINKE, which demands a stop of all observation-acts as well as the basic evaluation of the already enacted laws.