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Executive Committee

Call for Easter marches and other Peace activities

Resolution of the Party Executive Committee adopted on 13 March 2021

DIE LINKE calls for actions of the peace movement at Easter 2021. All events can be found on:

Disarmament, not rearmament is the order of the day.

Ban arms exports. Stop the US-Army led military exercises Defender 2021!

The coronavirus pandemic is keeping the world in suspense also in 2021. But instead of putting money in the fight against the virus COVID-19, in respiratory masks, tests, vaccines, in a better equipment of the healthcare system and a better pay for the caregivers, the armament continues as planned:

In Germany, the arms budget rises to a record high of 46.93 billion euros. That is 53.03 billion euros according to NATO criteria, i.e. if all hidden military expenditures are included, which are spent in Germany on new multi-million dollar armaments projects.

One of these projects is the Eurodrone, a drone that is planned to be armed from the beginning. The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) has refused to support armed drones in this legislative period, but nevertheless the Eurodrone will now be purchased - only without ammunition for the time being. However, it will immediately be used as a combat drone by other EU states. That is why we are campaigning for a stop to the Eurodrone.

This rearmament policy is also reflected very concretely on the ground in ever new maneuvers. Defender 2020, interrupted a year ago because of the coronavirus pandemic, is now to be resumed as Defender Europe 21. Around 30,000 soldiers are to practice the deployment of NATO troops to Eastern Europe. This rearmament policy is expensive; German participation alone as a "host nation" with 430 soldiers costs 2.9 million euros. And as the entire eastward enlargement of NATO, it jeopardizes the relations with Russia.

The U.S. nuclear weapons must be withdrawn and the "Nuclear sharing" must finally be ended. The German government must finally sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

But new armaments projects not only cost billions, they also have deadly consequences worldwide: What the German Bundeswehr purchases today, will be exported tomorrow. German weapons are used to kill people all over the world, be it in the Middle East, in Latin America or in Erdogan's war against the Syrian Kurds. So-called end-use clauses have proven ineffective. We demand a stop to all German arms exports.