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Gregor Gysi

Catalonia Remains Welcoming Country of Freedom

The President of the European Left, Gregor Gysi, declares:

This terrible attack in the heart of Barcelona, leaving many dead and injured, deeply devastates us all. Catalonia was always a welcoming country of peace, and nothing should change that.

It is hard to imagine how hard this attack impacts the relatives and friends of the victims. We are all empathizing with them, and are wishing a quick recovery to the injured.

The perpetrators have to be quickly identified and held responsible rigorously. The backgrounds have to be fully verified. We also have to reflect on the fact how such hate is able to emerge, how, at last, wars can be overcome and this hatred can be dismantled. A peaceful life together requires strong will of all parties involved.

Additionally, we in the West need to think about a whole new relation to the so-called "Third World" if we want to prevent hate, hostility and attacks. This can also effectively contribute to fighting the reasons for flight and escape.