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Gregor Gysi

Catalonia Requires Political Solution

On 14th May, 2018 the President of the European Left and Member of German parliament, Gregor Gysi, met with former regional President of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont.

During the meeting Gregor Gysi explained he is in favour of a federally structured Spain featuring high autonomy, not for a secession of Catalonia. Carles Puigdemont agreed that this was the goal of the great majority of Catalans as well. Madrid and Barcelona had agreed on a statute of autonomy which found approval of the central parliament, the parlament of Catalonia as well as its citizens during a referendum. This statute was, amid high controversies, repealed by the constitutional court on request of the conservative Partido Popular to which the current government leader belongs. This has changed the atmosphere. Gregor Gysi, nonetheless, maintained his position. Both politicians criticised the failure of the EU not having attempted any mediation. Gregor Gysi agreed with Carles Puigdemont that detaining or extraditing Catalan politicians was absolutely the wrong way. A political solution needs to be found which should include arbitration.