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Katja Kipping

Climate Change as Cause of Flight

Climate change could force millions of people to relocate states a current world bank report.

This is no new thesis, yet it underlines again the urgency of climate justice. People flee from war, political persecution, existential destitution and the consequences of environmental destruction caused by climate change. The system behind all this has a name: crisis capitalism. It brings about the unrestrained exploitation of resources and favours unsustainable growth in many countries which drives climate change further. This erroneous system is supported by the German government, drastically failing the climate goals for 2020 with its current measures. It is terrifying when a country of the size and energy consumption as the US returns to the climate political stone age. The German government likes to talk green yet obeys the coal and emissions lobby. In 2016 Germany was on 6th place in the world wide ranking of CO2 emissions. Therefore it is necessary to bring about the exit from coal and a change in transport policy in Germany. On a European level migration has to be included in development plans and flight processes due to climate change have to be examined. Regarding climate protection no one can afford to stall for time anymore. It is high time for a change in energy and transport policy.

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