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Janine Wissler

Climate Summit: A Radical Change of Course is Necessary

At the start of the international climate summit Janine Wissler, co-chair of the party DIE LINKE, declared:

We finally need a decisive climate policy worldwide. The current figures show: A 'business as usual' leads to catastrophe. Achieving the global climate goals requires solidarity and international cooperation. The rich countries, which are responsible for a large proportion of CO2 emissions, must lead the way and support poorer countries in avoiding and reducing climate-related damage. As the biggest climate polluters per capita, rich countries must contribute a large share to reducing climate emissions.

The climate catastrophe affects everyone, but the weakest the hardest. The climate issue is always also a social issue and a question of justice. The consequences of climate change, along with droughts and floods, are among the most important reasons for flight.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether and how the future German government intends to assume its climate policy responsibilities. The concrete measures named so far are not sufficient and it is unclear how they are to be financed. This puts Germany in a very weak position at the climate summit to demand more climate protection from others. What is needed is a clear commitment by the parties of the “Traffic Light Coalition” not only to the climate goals, but also to concrete measures that will make these targets achievable and how they will be financed.