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Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger

Corbyns Success a Clear Signal Against the Shift to the Right in Europe

On the results of parliamentary elections in the UK party chairs Katja Kipping and Bernd Riexinger declare:

Parliamentary elections in the UK have been an encouraging signal against the shift to the right in Europe and demonstrate how important social justice is for the people.

The Conservatives have miscalculated in every respect and missed their election goal. Labour chair Jeremy Corbyn prevented the Conservative Prime Minister from gaining the absolute majoriy during a fantastic race to catch up focusing on social issues. The Labour success shows that a clear commitment to more social justice can convince voters.  Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour party gained so many votes as the party did not achieve since 1997. The ears of all those having declared him as unelectable must be burning these days. German Social Democracy should use the success of Corbyn and Labour - which varies so strongly from New Labour of Tony Blair and thus the SPD with its "Agenda 2010" politics - as an opportunity to reconsider its own line-up for elections in Germany. Europe now has to stretch out a hand towards the UK, which has rejected a hard brexit. For DIE LINKE this result is encouraging. Corbyn has scored with a social programme which is close to ours.