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Katja Kipping

Denuclearisation of North Korea Requires Diplomatic Effort

On the meeting of U.S. President, Donald Trump, and leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, in Singapur, DIE LINKE party chair, Katja Kipping, declares:

The meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un produced a common paper stating that the government of North Korea was willing „to give up its aspirations to become an atomic power“. It remains to be seen whether this holds true.  Until a concrete and – from a peace policy perspective – desirable denuclearisation on the Korean penninsula comes about, diplomatic efforts are due, in which the UN, China, Russia, and, of course, South Korea have to be involved.

Yet, this would only be a partial success, since the responsibility for disarmament and non-proliferation lies with all atomic powers, according to the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty which was signed and acknowledged by 191 states.

The paper is also merely a partial success because Trump and Kim Jong Un remain completely unpredictable heads of states, whose egos seem to be more important to them then the welfare of the people in their political care. Trump owes world peace now more than ever a return to the legally binding contracts of the nuclear agreement with Iran.

Every further destabilisation by an unpredictable arms race or a possible US-american preventive attack could further shake the war-ridden Middle East.

Initiated be the parliamentary and party chairs, the party congress of DIE LINKE in Leipzig  thus asked the federal government to unanimously and urgently do everything possible for the keeping of the nuclear agreement with Iran. The congress, furthermore, asked to set up a conference for security and cooperation in the Near and Middle East together with European partners, Russia and China. The conference should not only end the dangerous arms race but also guarantee the legitimate security interests of all conflict parties in the region.