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Katja Kipping, Bernd Riexinger, Tobias Pflüger

DIE LINKE Calls for Protests Against the Imminent Bombing of Syria

DIE LINKE calls for protest actions in the contest of tangible war threats by US President Donald Trump towards Syria.

We are against any bombings by which civilians always suffer the most. To attack Syria militarily, the situation will further escalate. There is a war in Syria since seven years with more than half a million dead. The different super powers have busily fuelled the conflict. German Chancellor Merkel and foreign minister Maas now have to exert pressure in the NATO on President Trump. Bombs do not create peace. The alleged poison gas attack needs to be  investigated, supervised by the OPCW. Until today, the German government does not exclude a possible support of Western bombings. Therefore, we ask the federal government to explicitly declare that they will neither directly nor indirectly participate in military attacks, or support them. The Bundeswehr needs to withdraw the tornados and itself from awacs interventions in Konya. DIE LINKE will participate in protest actions all over the country.