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Katja Kipping

German Government Has to Become Active Regarding Erdogan!

In light of ten Germans arrested by the Erdogan regime, a ban on visiting German soldiers at a Turkish NATO base by parliamentarians, and the further deteriorating human rights conditions in Turkey DIE LINKE party chair Katja Kipping declares on the German Turkish relations:

The German government under Merkel has to finally practice what it preaches. Now the dependency, originating from the dirty refugee deal Merkel arranged for Europe, retaliates. The Turkish despot does not stop turning the spiral of arresting tens of thousands, shutting down unpopular media and dismissing more than 100,000 people. Yet, the German government does nothing but warningly pointing the finger time and time again. The Turkey policy of Conservatives and Social Democrats has failed.

Any rambling about the important NATO partner with whom we need to keep up communication is reduced to absurdity everyday. A partner who massively slips spies in one's own country can no longer be a partner. A partner who leaves the grounds of a partnership by trampling on human rights, democracy and the constitutional state can no longer be a partner. A partner who basically takes your citizens as hostages and bans your parliamentarians from visiting the country can no longer be a partner.

The German government has to end the friendship with the Erdogan regime, not with the Turkish people. It has to make clear that Turkey cannot reckon on any support on its way into Islamic dictatorship; neither regarding financial aid through the tariff union nor economically through contracts or investments. The same applies to diplomatic support in dealing with spies or in international committees. By no means will Turkey get assistance in campaign appearances in Germany or military-wise through arms deliveries or deployment of soldiers.

The longer the German government tolerates this play of game the more Erdogan will pin his despotic power, inside and outside. The Chancellor is responsible for Germany and Europe to finally become capable of acting again against Erdogan.