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Tobias Pflüger

NATO Still on Course to Armament and War

On the NATO summit in Brussels, Tobias Pflüger, vice-chair of DIE LINKE declares:

The decisions of this first NATO summit attended by Donald Trump are remarkable:

  • Again, the goal that all NATO states need to spend at least two per cent of GDP for their military budget until 2024 was re-established. More military spendings fuel an armaments course: this means more arms deals, more arms exports (also in direct war areas as Saudi Arabia), more foreign deployments and more manoeuver and stationing of Bundeswehr troups in Eastern Europe. "We, as DIE LINKE clearly take a stand against this policy of military build-up", says vice-chair Tobias Pflüger. "We ask the governing parties of Christian Conservatives and Social Democrats for their political priorities in this matter. We, as DIE LINKE, want an end to precarisation, an additional reason for our clear rejection of an increase in military spending."
  • The direct access of NATO into the "fight against IS" can have fatal impact. Does it mean the federal army Bundeswehr will in future directly fight and bomb in Syria and Iraq? Which further logistical support will be pledged by the federal government? "DIE LINKE rejects this dangerous expansion of the so called war against terror, which will not lead to a safer world."
  • An even closer cooperation of EU and NATO will also lead to a further militarisation of the EU. DIE LINKE opposes this militarisation.
  • A reinforced engagement in Afghanistan continues the desaster of this foreign intervention.

DIE LINKE takes a clear stand against the further armament of NATO supported by the federal government. "Instead of two per cent more for military and armament, it would make more sense to do something for social security." concludes Tobias Pflüger.