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Katja Kipping

On the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Concentration Camp Auschwitz

The 27th January is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this day the Red Army of the Soviet Union liberated the concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz. Since then Auschwitz is a symbol for the consequences of racism, hate, antisemitism and the fascist desire to annihilate: the suffering of millions, unsurpassed horrible and cruel crimes and the mass exctinction of Jewish life in Europe.

Auschwitz is a place of remembrance and commemoration of the Holocaust. May this memory never pale. The remembrance belongs to our every day life; it needs to be and remain a part of it. Auschwitz bears the mandate to consistently oppose any form of fascism, racism or antisemitism, any form of hate or marginalisation.

The revitalisation of the right and its historical revisionism requires more than ever to be aware of the causes of the cruelties of the past. We need to understand how these abhorrent  crimes came to pass, how ordinary people became murderers and how we can prevent this to happen again now and in the future.

A crucial part of this is political education. We need to enable students to intensively deal with history to better understand the events of the past. This includes to provide students with free of charge participation in memorial tours.

We need to jointly oppose all those that want to pave the way again for fascism. Civil society and those in political responsibility need to understand that they always have to remain part of the resistance. Antifascism needs to stay the social and constitutional fundamental consensus. We owe this to the victims. DIE LINKE will make her contribution.