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Party Executive Committee Resolution 2017/077

On the Results of French Presidential Elections

Resolution adopted by the Party Executive Committee on May 8, 2017

At French presidential elections it was possible to prevent right-wing extremist Marine Le Pen, member of Front National, to become president. This is good news. Nevertheless, 34 percent for Le Pen are a warning sign for Europe. Macron, however, is no alternative to the neoliberal policy in France and Europe. Many French voted for Macron not because of their political convictions but rather to prevent Marine Le Pen. Many voters didn't even attend the elections or abstained.

Macron is representative of the banks and large capital and pursues a neoliberal policy. Thus, further privatizations and an increase of social inequalities are to be expected. This cannot stop the profound shift to the right, as manifested by millions of votes for Le Pen. Therefore it is necessary to organize left resistance against the neoliberal agenda.

In this political situation, which is alarming not only for France, but for the whole of Europe, it is urgently required to strengthen the left political forces. Only the left represents an alternative to nationalism and racism as well as to neoliberalism. The great success of Jean-Luc Mélenchons is a good basis for the necessary strengthening of the left. In June, France will hold parliamentary elections when regulations in French electoral law will make it difficult for the left to secure parliamentary seats. Making use of the strength gained during the presidential election campaign by a united appearance of the left forces also offers the opportunity for a good performance during parliamentary elections. This would not only be in the interest of France but of Europe as a whole.