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Oppose Misanthropic Discourse Everywhere

Shocked after the terror in Hesse town Hanau, party co-chair Katja Kipping declares:

Our thoughts are with the victims, the injured, the relatives and all those, which now live in fear of further racist terror. The racist terror of Hanau shows once more how quickly words can become deeds. Acts like this are no accident. They are fuelled by right wing rabble rousing, preaching contempt for mankind and stoking hate on scapegoats. We all are obliged towards those now living in fear of further racist attacks. We need to make clear: You are not alone. We are on your side.

With good reason there was a lot of talk about the problem of militant right-wing networks in the past months. The crime of Hanau now recalls the fact that the unorganised right-wing swamp has a threatening potential for violence. The confused, paranoid and vitriolic thoughts of the racist perpetrator fall in line with a mindset which is shared in part by many in the militant right-wing scene.  This mindset not only thrives in militant comradeships but also in internet forums and whereever racist and misanthropic expressions go unchallenged.

If we want to prevent these crimes we need to oppose the right-wing misanthropic discourse everywhere. And we need to make clear that the firewall against the right-wing may never be broken down, by no one. No normalisation of fascists in parliament, no running after right-wing populism.