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Bernd Riexinger

Puidgemont Must not be Extradited

Press conference of co-party chair Bernd Riexinger in the Berlin Karl-Liebknecht-House, the head office of DIE LINKE.

At today's press conference Bernd Riexinger asked the German government to push for a political solution in the Catalonia conflict instead of a legal one. Riexinger said the Spanish central government pursued a very repressive course against aspirations for independence in the country. The German government should not support this course. Thus, the former President of the autonomous region of Catalonia who was detained yesterday by German police, should be released and may under no circumstances be extradited. Otherwise this woud mean an intervention in the Spanish conflict and add further fuel to the fire.

Further topics of the press conference where the meeting of EU officials with Turkish ruler Erdogan as well as imagined scenarios of federal family minister Franziska Giffey to mend wages of child care workers similar to elementary school teachers. "This idea is very familiar, stemming from our party, DIE LINKE." remarked Riexinger, "Just the minister stays mum about where the money should come from. Without redistribution by fair taxation this remains all talk."