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Matthias Höhn

Suspend NATO Membership of Turkey

Matthias Höhn, DIE LINKE Party Secretary, declares:

The reorganisation of Turkey into a dictatorship must be unsettling for every democratic politician. The German government has to stop standing at the sidelines of this development at the doorsteps of the EU, quitely rejoicing that the dirty work of the inhuman refugee defence is dealt with excluding the public.

Pursuing the opposition, abolishing freedom of press, waging war against the Kurds, the imprisonment of currently nine Germans for political reasons and the attempts to influence German federal elections - the list of misconducts is long. It may not be prolonged - otherwise Germany, EU, and NATO remain complices of Erdogan.

As long as Germans are imprisoned in Turkey and the country is on the road to dictatorship, the German government needs to demand the suspension of Turkey's NATO membership. Assisting dictatorships cannot be an acceptable duty. Any military cooperation of democracies with Turkey is irresponsible.