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Gregor Gysi

The War in Syria Cannot be Ended by War

On the U.S. military intervention against a base of the Syrian government army, the President of the European Left, Gregor Gysi, declares:

The war in Syria cannot be ended by war but only by very intelligent diplomacy considering as many interests as possible.

The U.S. military action was against international law, for neither had Syria attacked the U.S. nor was there a UN Security Council Resolution permitting it.

The preceding poison gas attack was a grave war crime. Yet, firstly it should be determined who is responsible for it. How can it be considered legitimate to execute an air raid before the case is clarified? All the more so, since it seems rather illogical of Assad to have ordered this toxic gas attack, at a time when, out of his perspective, he is militarily quite successful  against the IS and others. Why should he at such a moment be interested in an Aggravation of this kind?  

And who, actually, appointed the U.S. as highest criminal judge of the world authorised to award such "punishments"? Furthermore, the Syrian government troops also fight against the Islamic State (IS), a terrible terror organisation. By the military attack of the U.S. also those are weakened that fight against the IS.  

The U.S. and Russia, Turkey, Saudi-Arabia, and Iran, and most of all the different conflict parties in Syria finally need to find a compromise so that this war ends in the interest of utterly innocent civilists which are again and again affected by death, injuries and displacement.