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Gregor Gysi

To all Left and Progressive Forces in Europe: Create Unity to Defeat Neoliberal Politics!

Statement of the President of the European Left: The left and other progressive forces of Europe are aware of their complicated history, partly to be welcomed, partly to be denounced. Coming from different countries and having different nationalities, their history differs as well, which is no easy starting point. This is equally true for their different approaches, policy proposals, and ideas of how to build structures. We cannot change our realities and should not try to do so. But there are so many common ideas and aims that we can, and probably must, establish unity in spite of all our differences.

Some common points:

  • For peace and disarmament – against wars and armament
  • For full social justice, without hunger, suffering and misery – against the generation of completely exaggerated and iniquitous wealth by capitalism
  • For ecological sustainability – against the destruction of the natural basis of human life
  • For an expansion of the people´s democracy – against oppression, exploitation, the omnipotence of the big banks and corporations, against corruption
  • For the expansion of basic social security and comprehensive labour rights – against the sole rule of companies, against austerity, neoliberalism and privatization of public services
  • For equal opportunities and the emancipation of all people, independent of sex, nationality, skin colour, sexual orientation in all domains of society, especially concerning equal access to education, art and culture – against all forms of social deprivation and discrimination. Against the growing gap between North and South, West and East, big cities and small villages, the rich and the poor.
  • For equality between men and women at all levels

We firmly believe that we by focussing on these common issues on our continent can reach more and more people in Europe and fulfill our duty to become the much-needed counterpart to neoliberal politics, nationalist egoism and right-wing extremism.

I will shortly invite different personalities for a meeting in order to talk about this topic.