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Katja Kipping

Trump Becomes Danger to Humanity

Regarding the exit of the Trump administration from the Paris Agreement co-chair of DIE LINKE Katja Kipping declares:

By exiting the Climate Agreement Donald Trumps incompetence and the lobbyism of the US American coal and oil industry supporting him become an existential threat for billions of people and in consequence for the whole planet. The US declare war on the earth and the right to live especially for the poor of our world and thus provoke new reasons for flight. That, over here, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) takes the same line, makes the position of these right wing populists obvious.

The federal government should, nontheless, look who's talking. Who, like they, miss their own goals of climate control, actively attack agreements on for example restrictions on emissions by cars in the EU and warrant charcoal piles a decade-long pollution guarantee, should spare others from remonstrations. The failing of the federal government in the climate policy equals a silent exit from the Paris Agreement.

Thus, the federal government squanderd any option to put pressure on the Trump administration or at least isolate them internationally. Climate change needs a real rerouting for which the Merkel/Gabriel government is neither willing nor capable of.