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Halina Wawzyniak

Violence against Women Must Be Proscribed

On the occasion of the International Day Against Violence on Women, Halina Wawzyniak, deputy chair of DIE LINKE, declares:

DIE LINKE take an active role on the International Day against violence annually. The right of physical integrity is a basic human right. Usually, women and children are the victims of violence in families and partnership. 

Violence against women has many faces: violation of the right of self-determination and free speech, forced marriage, physical and psychological bullying, exploitation, humiliation and discrimination. The persons concerned come from all social strata with different education-levels and cultural backgrounds. All too often violent acts against women go unreported, are covered up, or are trivialised. 

The World-Health-Organisation indicates violence against women as one of the biggest health-risks for women worldwide. 40 Percent of the women living in Germany experience physical or sexual violence in their live.

DIE LINKE fights together with women in Europe and all over the world – independent of political, religious or ethnic backgrounds – against every form of psychological or physical violence. Women have the right to live in freedom and dignity; they have the right of physical and mental integrity.  Effected women must seek every form of available support. This includes the complete financing of women's refuges.