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Federal Statutes of the Party DIE LINKE

Resolution of the congresses of the WASG and the Linkspartei.PDS held on 24 and 25 March 2007 in Dortmund,

approved by membership votes of WASG and Linkspartei.PDS from 30. March to 18. May 2007 and by the founding congress of the party DIE LINKE on 16. June 2007 in Berlin, amended through resolutions of party congresses of the party DIE LINKE on 28. February 2009 in Essen, on 21. to 23. October in Erfurt, on 2. and 3. July 2012 in Göttingen and on 14. to 16. June 2013 in Dresden.


Rooted in the history of the German and the international labour movement, committed to the peace movement and to anti-fascism,close to the trade unions and new social movements, drawing from feminism and the ecological movement, democratic socialists and members of Labour and Social Justice – the Electoral Alternative, expanding their identity, are combining in a new party, DIE LINKE, with the aim of strengthening the forces in the struggle for decent work and social justice, peace and sustainability in development. DIE LINKE aspires to the development of a solidarity-based society in which the liberty of each is the condition for the liberty of all. The new LINKE is plural and open to everyone wishing to attain the same goals by democratic means.