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Selected News

  • Dominic Heilig

    Wednesday night violence broke out in the centre of Saxon town Bautzen. Around 80 rightwing extremists turned violently against 20 underage refugees. More

  • Stefan Liebich

    “North Korea’s ignorance of central UN resolutions is unbearable. The country challenges any peace efforts in the anyway fragile region with its nuclear tests”, declares Stefan Liebich, representative More

  • Two weeks ago a new Land parliament was elected. The party landscape in Meckenburg-Western Pomerania experienced a real break. More

  • Tobias Pflüger

    Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff today has been deposed of her office. To this, vice party chair of DIE LINKE Tobias Pflüger declares: More

  • Harald Petzold

    “42 independent journalists have been detained, over a dozen media and news portals have been banned without the necessary judicial decision – this is disposing of democracy in Turkey by despot More

  • Niema Movassat

    “The EU is just about to subordinate its whole foreign, economic, and development policy towards African countries to the aim of resisting migration.” declares Niema Movassat, representative in the More

  • Heike Hänsel

    “The bilateral and final agreement on a truce today signed between the government of Colombia and the guerilla organisation FARC-EP is a historical caesura and a first step towards the end of the More

  • Matthias Höhn

    Today, Amnesty International presented its report: „ Living in Insecurity: Germany is Failing Victims of Racist Violence”. The results are alarming, the failure of institutions extensively”, says More